Personal growth and development
Ability to be responsible for your actions and decisions
Compliance with the law and social moral principles
Reputation and Dignity
Caring for colleagues’ health and the environment
Ethical conduct
Feeling of joy in every day lived
Aim of BizEducate — leading medium and large businesses to a new level, taking into account the improvement of people’s lives in the country where the company is located. That is the payment of taxes, the creation of new jobs, staff development, social packages, labour protection, charitable social programs, the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies etc.

With the help of seminars, trainings and consulting with global professionals, our company seeks:

  • Help firms reduce financial risks and increase reputation.
  • Build corporate governance that meets advanced standards, as well as a system of compliance of the company’s internal rules with international standards. In the CIS, corporate compliance ideology is only in its infancy. For most developed countries, various areas of compliance control have become the norm for all sectors of business and economic activity.
  • Train a new generation of managers to identify corporate fraud, bribery, money laundering, assess business risks; help integrate into the international anti-corruption community. Provide companies with access to the latest knowledge and technologies for further development in the global market. We shape the need by creating the value of knowledge and necessity for continuing education. Our clients receive recommendations from reputable consultants, study the experience of other companies, and expand the circle of business acquaintances.
  • Create a community of managers with the core values: reputation, ethics, transparent activity compliant with the law. Our training is a reload of thinking of experienced and new generation managers.

Our vision:

  • more companies will appear on the market that can improve the quality of life in the country of residence;
  • the trust of investors will increase, what will contribute to the emergence of new projects;
  • the level of corruption (including at the state level) and corporate fraud will be reduced;
  • the state at the legislative level will create favourable conditions for business development.
Our mission will be achieved when the CIS countries enter the top thirty ranking of prosperous countries.


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