Strategic Procurement Planning

5 - 8 July 2020

An intensive workshop will equip delegates with advanced skills and knowledge that will help make the transition from operational to strategic procurement.

Strategic marketing. Positioning in international markets. Export credit possibilities

10 - 11 September 2020

Best practices for entering international markets in the banking industry, establishing business contacts for the development of export financing.

English Contract Law. Practical aspects

20 - 23 September 2020

Attendants will be able to improve their qualifications in the field of contract law by participating in an interactive course and solving test tasks for certain types of contracts.

Third Parties Risk Management

27 - 30 September 2020

This seminar is dedicated to how to identify the risks of working with third parties, manage them and at the same time take advantage of the services provided.


Digitalisation of the corporate governance system. Role of the corporate secretary in the development of the board of directors

4 - 8 October 2020

The seminar is intended to cover the main aspects and principles of the functioning and construction of an electronic document management system and the effective adoption, monitoring and control of the implementation of management decisions.

IFRS: Recent changes and practical aspects

25 - 28 October 2020

At this seminar, you will learn about important aspects of revenue recognition models, assess the impact of the new IFRS 16 Leases, and more.

Internal Audit and Compliance. Anti-Bribery and Money Laundering

1 - 4 November 2020

At the seminar, you will receive practical knowledge in the field of prevention, detection and timely investigation of corporate financial crimes.


Actual budgeting issues

15 - 18 November 2020

The seminar will address issues of the concept of budgeting, the budget process, the impact of the organisationalstructure of the company on the budget and much more.


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